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Unblock streaming profile doesn't work for a specific streaming service? Why can't I access my streaming service anymore with a native protocol? Please keep in mind that unblocking streaming services is an ongoing process, since most platforms actively block VPN services. Hello. Chromecast is not covered by a VPN since it takes the internet from the router not from the device that it receives the request. To cover chromecast under the VPN, you would need to configure the VPN on to the Router level, of course, if the router that you own does support OpenVPN connections. Keep in mind that only US, CA and UK regions are supported on Android boxes, FireTV, and Smart TV devices. If you are still experiencing issues, try following these additional troubleshooting steps for streaming. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Support. Unblock-Us is one of a growing number of Smart VPN services that offer excellent levels of anonymity. Basically, a virtual private network is a service intended to help you protect your identity and information when online, and also to offer you the added benefit of being able to access information that may be restricted thanks to geographical

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Follow these steps if you accidentally blocked a friend or just need to remove someone from your block list: Login to your account Go to account settings Browser - the gear-icon located at the up VPN Error: Nordvpn Netflix not Working - Best Possible